Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct and Practice

Striving towards excellence and protecting each other through respect and dignity

Muslim Family Centre is committed to providing a high-quality service to all our clients, striving towards the Islamic principles of Ihsan, excellence in our actions.

The Code of Conduct and Practice describes the standards of professionalism that we at Muslim Family Centre look to uphold within ourselves, towards our clients and also expect mutually from our clients and respective parties, as part of any case and matter we are dealing with them on.

1. Trust and personal integrity

We must act with honesty and integrity at all times in dealings with each other and all parties related to any case, always showing a personal integrity in the way we act. Not providing false or misleading information and being honest to each other in our dealings.

2. Confidentiality

All matters relating to information and personal business is dealt with the upmost confidentiality. There is no time limit to this obligation.

3. Independent and fair

We are an independent body which carries our decisions in light of the information provided to us and guidance from Quran and Sunnah. Our scholars adjudicate based on the merits and validity of cases and give each case its just merit.

It is incumbent upon all parties to remain sincere, solely seeking to please Allah and fulfil his duty and obligations.

We deal with all parties in a non-confrontational and positive manner and expects the same in return.

4. Timely

All parties must all perform all undertakings within an agreed timescale or if no timescale has been agreed then within a reasonable amount of time.

Muslim Family Centre will deal with all matters expeditiously as far as possible and will always aim to provide the highest level of service.

Upon receipt of the completed form, we will acknowledge the application and contact all the concerned parties, in writing, as and when necessary.

5. Effective communication

We have a duty to communicate clearly and effectively with each other. Information should be comprehensive and, where necessary, confirmed in writing using clear and simple language.

6. Responsibility to engage

Respondents are is required to reply all correspondence sent to them as soon as possible.

If/when the parties are invited to a meeting, the attendance of both parties is compulsory.

Non-cooperation can lead to decisions being taken by Muslim Family Centre in their absence.

Any decision taken by Muslim Family Centre will be made in light of the Qur’an and Sunnah and will be explained to both parties in a simple, easy to understand manner through necessary means.

If one party fails to attend and a decision is taken in their absence, the decision will be binding on both.

7. Competence, diligence and appropriate skills

Muslim Family Centre has the relevant knowledge and skill to provide a competent and professional service. They must be thorough and prepared in all their work and should only agree to work for a client when they can do this adequately and completely within a reasonable period of time.

We ensure that the individuals you manage are competent to carry out their role, and keep their professional knowledge and skills, as well as understanding of their Islamic, ethical and regulatory obligations, up to date.

8. Dignity and respect

All parties must treat each other with dignity and respect. We should encourage equality of opportunity and must not unlawfully discriminate against them, either directly or indirectly, Recognising diversity, different cultures and values

9. Behaviour

We hold a very strict policy on abusive behaviour towards our teams. As Muslims we have a duty to upholding an exemplary standard of character.

We understand that most of the people are going through a tough time
and sometimes end up venting out on our team. But not at any point will we accept Foul and abusive language or physical violence.

Our teams are very tolerant people and will endeavour to listen to your problem with complete patience.

10. Professional fees

The fees charged by solicitors must be fair and reasonable.

A reasonable fee will take account of:

The amount of work and the time involved, the level of specialised knowledge needed, the length, number and importance of any documents which need to be prepared as well as the urgency of the case.

Clients will make their payments promptly.

11. Within the Law

All steps will be taken to ensure that the English legal system is respected and not undermined. Civil procedures are separate to Shariah law and are in no way determined by Sharia rulings and decisions.

All clients are expected to take advice on the civil element on their matters through consultation with relevant legal practitioners.

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