About Us

About Us

Guaranteed, Easy and Affordable Online UK Muslim Sharia Services.

The Muslim Family Centre is a leading online Sharia service provider in certification,
reconciliation and mediation catering for Muslims in the UK. Providing guidance and solutions based on Islamic principles in line with the Quran and Sunnah, we aim to assist Muslims who are seeking to conduct their affairs in accordance with Sharia.

We are an independent organisation which caters for the needs of Muslims in the UK with a focus on family life and personal well-being. Led by experienced and professional British born imams and scholars who understand the social context of Muslims living in modern Britain.

We offer a reliable, expert, knowledge-based service, ranging from advice and guidance on interpersonal, social and financial issues, marriage validation or dissolution and help in resolving disagreements between disputing parties either amongst spouses, families or business partners.

Muslim Family Centre is non-sectarian and celebrates the diversity of Muslim communities within the UK. We welcome your matters and stand resolute against any discriminatory treatment to race, gender, or disability and are committed to offering a fair, equal and just service to all.

Code of Ethics

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Sharia Compliant

We provide services based on sound Islamic principles in line with the Quran and Sunnah.

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Expertly Managed

Our panel of certified Islamic Jurists have experience in dealing with cases in a modern British context.



Your sensitive information is confidentially managed and securely stored.

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About You

You are empowered to engage and control your own matters with specialist guidance and support from us.

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We provide exceptional care along with safe and unbiased space to help you manage your matters.

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We are committed to being fair, equal and just and stand against any form of discriminatory treatment.


Mufti Yusuf Akudi

Our Director

Mufti Yusuf Ebrahim Akudi is from the first generation of Muslim Imams born and educated in the UK. He graduated from the Institute of Islamic Education in 1997 and since has been involved in various faith, shariah, charitable and educational projects and initiatives locally and nationally in the UK. Mufti Yusuf is married and has three children.

For over 17 years Mufti Yusuf has presided as a Mufti and board member of the Islamic Tribunal, Sharee Council in Dewsbury, providing advice and guidance as well as preceding over cases and discussing Islamic law within the Panel.

As well as a prominent presenter on Iqra TV and British Muslim TV, Mufti Akudi has also taught in and developed Madrassahs and worked as a Muslim Imam within a Prison Multi Faith Chaplaincy team. He has also been a board member of the Yorkshire and Humber Faiths Forum for the past ten years.

He has studied Arabic Language, Quran Exegesis, Islamic Economics, Sociology, Law and Islamic Ethics. He is fluently spoken in three South Asian language as well as being fluent both in written and verbal in Arabic, Urdu and English.

The Team


Shaykh Fazal Dad


Vast experience in leadership and education within the Muslim Community. Studied and graduated from Darul-Uloom al-Arabiyya al-Islamiyya and Madina Munawwarah University.


Tahmina Mahmud

Transformational Coach

Experienced 121 and group coach, mentoring and offering coaching through the knowledge of Quran and sunnah. Also referring onto specialists where required. Tahmina is also a graduate of the Aalimiyah studies since 2004 and an Islamic studies teacher.


Molana Ismail Kotwal


A Matrimonial Counsellor for over 22 years and has studied Jurisprudence for over 10 years in the UK as well as South Africa. He is well travelled throughout the world performing Tarawih and provides guided Hajj tours.

Asset 1-100

Cllr Habiban Zaman


An influential leader, Habiban has served on the Sharia Council supporting vulnerable women offering counselling, building confidence & self-esteem, delivering training on dilemmas for women, forced marriage to strengthen awareness and inform victims of their legal rights and support available.


Mohammad Sohail Ashfaque


As well as Imam and Trustee of Blackhall Mosque, Edinburgh sheikh is an honorary chaplain for the NHS Lothian. He has 20 years of establishing Islamic education and training for children, young people, and agencies across Scotland.


Amara Deen


Holds a decade of experience in mediation counselling, working with the most violent, disturbed, and vulnerable women in society. Providing support, council and advise on life that has left a mark in many hundreds of individuals lives.


Aisha Dahiru Atta

Relationship coach

Relationship coach and published author who is passionate about helping couples build stronger, more connected and blissful relationships in a process which is fun and collaborative with proven, positive and lifelong results.

Asset 2-100

Sheikh Ismail Syed


Shariah scholar and Islamic jurisconsult (Mufti) based in London. He has been involved in the areas of Islamic Finance and is a former banker for a leading financial institution (HSBC Europe) working in the capacity of business and compliance specialist in all major areas of banking including Islamic banking.


Sheikh Usman


Sheikh Osman has a wealth of experience having worked in diverse settings within statutory and community sectors for over 30 years.


Rayan Mahmud Esq


Rayan Mahmud, a graduate of Dewsbury’s Darul Uloom and is a Muslim Chaplin and popular TV presenter.


Nasrin Sharif


Helped and supported many vulnerable adults and children in her field of work, she will be ideal to get things off your chest and provides impartial help, advice and sincere counsel.

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